Umbrales Men’s Rites of Passage Postponement Message

After carefully considering the options circumstances present us with, Illuman of Texas painfully concluded that we must postpone our Umbrales (Men’s Rites of Passage) until late 2022.

This was not an easy decision to make and the team did so with some disappointment, but also in hope.

The men who are teaming this Umbrales know the power of transformation that each initiate experiences during the rites but we also know that this can only occur in the presence of a brotherly community of elders who assure a safe container for the transformation. We ask the initiates to do their shadow work and that requires the sustaining support of team members – a community.

Umbrales is not like a conference where social distancing and mask wearing can lessen the risk of infection. We recognize that close presence to each other is a non-negotiable requirement. Our rituals recall and draw upon eons-old rites of passages in which men bond with each other as fellow members of their tribe.

Inner work requires inner freedom. Freedom from overarching concerns about our health and wellbeing; any such worry distracts from the focus on the work of transformation.

Each man expects and deserves a chance to be changed by the events of the Umbrales and the team fears that those chances are severely at risk if we tried to carry them out in a physical environment required by our present conditions.

We are also aware that we risk the wellbeing of families when we put men at risk.

For all these reasons, we chose to postpone an Umbrales scheduled for October 2021.

But this gives us an opportunity to present an alternative program which can heighten men’s awareness of the transformation of an Umbrales. It will be on Saturday, October 9, 2021 and it will be a virtual program offered for free (registration for it will be required).

More information on this program and the rescheduled Umbrales is forthcoming. Until then we encourage you to visit one of our regular virtual councils or local circles.

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