At Soularize 2015, Belden Lane, reverend and retired professor, speaks to the men of Harvesting. He begins with a story from his visit to a maximum-security prison in Texas along with ten other men from Illuman. He admits to feeling great uncertainty about the authenticity of his own life experience as it would pertain to men in prison. However, to his surprise, the encounter leads to a great deal of harvesting for everyone involved. Further along, Belden also shares some wisdom from the well-known farmer and poet Wendell Berry, as well as the amazing story of Vedran Smailović who played Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor in ruined buildings during the 1992 siege of Sarajevo.

Throughout his presentation, Belden emphasizes that though the harvesting season of man’s life can be filled with a great deal of uncertainty, it is also a time of great meaning and purpose. This is another great video presentation any man on a spiritual journey and is also great teaching and discussion tool when shown in a group setting.

Illuman is a global not-for-profit organization committed to supporting men who are seeking to deepen their spiritual lives. We are an organization that is open to all men based on the simple belief that we are all brothers. When Illuman was founded in 2012, it emerged as the organization approved to continue the work begun by M.A.L.Es and the Men’s Rites of Passage.