Step one – Pray and Prepare

The MROP is not just another event to attend, nor is it something to “fix” some condition in your life. It is a decision that should come out of prayer; you should know in your “gut” that this is something for you. You might also talk to other men who have gone through the MROP.


Step two – Get an Application

So do you feel ready? Click here for the Texas MROP Application to apply for our upcoming Texas MROP.

Please take your time in responding to the questions.


Step three – Submit Application and Deposit

Complete an application and submit a $50 deposit.  This can be done online or by mail.  If accepted, the deposit becomes non-refundable and is applicable to the final payment.  If not accepted, your deposit will be refunded.


Step four – Wait and Pray

You will be notified that your application has been received and then re-notified if you have been accepted, not accepted, or placed on a waiting list.  If accepted, a full confirmation packet will be sent to you with payment and event instructions.