FIRMing (Fifth Initiation Rites) is a three-day event designed for men who have experienced the Rites of Passage or who have participated in the follow-up process of the Journey of Illumination (JOI).  FIRMing is an intensive event containing solitude, ritual, and other experientials.  FIRMings will be scheduled in different regional locations and require an application and acceptance process.

FIRMing means strengthening, firming, confirmation, and as always, we would like to build again upon the older spiritual Tradition.  We now see the very same need in relation to our Men’s Rite of Passage and would like to offer a powerful ritual for all men.  This will now provide us with an intentional follow-up after one’s MROP and leading to an annual FIRMing of your JOI.  FIRMing is also open to men who have participated in the JOI process (monthly gatherings or other men’s work).

The ritual, will be a very serious and choiceful three-day event, that will involve preparatory work and study, fasting and silence on site, and a minimum five hour repeat of our sacred circle from our first days of initiation.

FIRMing Preparation

The FIRMing is an event for men engaged in the JOI who have participated in an MROP.

The follow-up work you do is essential to the confirmation of your MROP initiation.  Like an MROP, during the 3-day FIRMing ritual there will be no partial attendance.  Unlike an MROP, you may repeat the FIRMing while you participate in your own JOI.  A FIRMing is open to all new initiates and all previously initiated men.

Although a self-guided process, the JOI is not intended to be done alone.  It is a “WE” process with emphasis on a regular contact made with a sponsor/mentor and regular communication with a Soul Brother.  This community of men will provide a measure of accountability to be doing what we said we would do.  This communal rite “firms” up our commitments and connects us to our brothers.

To apply for the FIRMing, please read carefully the Basic Information Sheet and fill out the Application Form.  A $50 deposit is required to complete the application.  You will also need to complete the Medical Emergency Contact Form, the Confidential Health Questionnaire, and the Participant Release Agreement.

  • Basic Information Sheet
  • Application Form
  • Pay $50 Deposit
  • Medical Emergency Contact Form
  • Confidential Health Questionnaire
  • Participant Release Agreement

If you have questions and need more information, see “Contact Us” in the menu.