What is Men’s Rites of Passage?

Since 1987, Fr. Richard Rohr and the Center for Action and Contemplation has been holding conferences and conducting Men’s Rites of Passage for men in New Mexico. The Soul Pathways program will build, network and support masculine spirituality in an on-going expression of Richard’s work here in Texas. The goal is to participate in a network of initiated men and leaders around the world who have an ecumenical vision of Gospel based on male initiation. These men will provide mentoring for men of the next generation as they exercise their gifts and talents while being trained as Elders. Illuman of Texas is an authorized Chapter of Illuman, the organization that has been chosen by Richard Rohr to continue the vision that he started.


Why is Men’s Rites of Passage necessary?

  • Our current social and religious issues are not going to change until the ordinary male matures spiritually.
  • Through our work, we have learned that many men, and young men in particular, strongly desire  male mentors.  We recognize that the “father wound” is perhaps the most  universal wound for men on this earth.
  • There is a need for on-going formation opportunities concerning men’s spirituality.
  • There is also a need for a networking system so men can support and receive support from one another (especially, for men ministering in different settings).


Is the MROP program open to all men?

The MROP program is open to:

  • Men of all races and religions.
  • Men of all sexual orientations and gender identity.
  • Men seeking wisdom for the journey.
  • Grandfathers, fathers, sons, godsons and grandsons.
  • Men without fathers.
  • Young men at least 18 years old.
  • We believe that there is a universal message of love and faith that transcends the boundaries of race, nation, culture, gender, economics/class, politics, sexual orientation and religious differences.


Is the MROP program based on the Christian tradition? Is it inclusive of other denominations or faiths?

The MALEs program is rooted in the Judeo-Christian Tradition, but is deeply committed to ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue. Participants from all faiths and backgrounds are welcome.


How can I send money to support Illuman of Texas?

Click on DONATE in the navigation for details on how to make contributions online or via mail.


I am an initiated male and want to help other men. How can I help?

You can contribute to a scholarship for men who can’t afford to attend an MROP program or scholarship a particular individual.  Click on the “About Us” tab above and scroll down to “Donate.”


Do you have any MROP programs scheduled?

See the “Upcoming Events” on the Home Page. You can also visit our Regions pages under the “Contact Us” Tab to find out what’s scheduled in your area.


How can I network with other men interested in MROP?

Contact us for more information.